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Dear Members

I am pleased to express my gratitude to the government of India for establishing regulatory guidelines for the direct selling industry. This has positively changed the way this industry operates and is perceived by the general public. Today, the potential of the direct selling industry is getting its deserved due of acknowledgment and respect, and the prospects of working in it are brighter than ever. As the founder of NESO FUGENSUS (NEORGANICS), I make every effort to follow the guidelines and encourage all NEORGANICS distributor partners and industry counterparts to do the same. While we pledge to work ethically by all means, we are doing our best to evict malpractices that exist in the ecosystem. With 65% of India’s population being youth, it is NESO’s vision to channelize them towards self-employment and create opportunities for others to find self-employment rather than waiting to get placements in companies that mostly do not match their inner calling. What makes us do our best towards youth empowerment is our free distributorship opportunity, through which anyone can start their entrepreneurial journey and grow without a ceiling. Having said that, I will make sure to back this up through regular training of our distributors and personal meetings wherein I will infuse my leadership experience and groom them to become the leaders of the future.

Eager to see you all succeed with NEORGANICS.

Warm Regards!,




Our vision

“Our vision is to create a better Self-sustainable by our own local organic products of northeast, India, and by empowering our local farmers for inclusive growth. Which will allow for a healthy and strong lifestyle to everyone.

Our Mission

Generating Self-employment by educating about the Direct Selling Industry and providing an entrepreneurship program and its future opportunities. which includes, public speaking, Team Management, Leadership, Selling, Team work Etc.


Building Humans' livelihood and inclusive growth! A community of people able to leverage technology to live a healthy and prosperous life. Sustainable development always encourages us to conserve and enhance our resources, by gradually changing the manners in which we develop and use technologies and it should meet their basic needs of employment, food, energy, water, and sanitation etc.